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Maryborough Airport – Former RAAF Maryborough Station

Maryborough Airport – Former RAAF Maryborough Station
Maryborough AirportMaryborough, QLD 4650

The Maryborough Airport was a bustling Royal Australian Airforce Air Station during World War II. Wireless air gunners and navigators were trained there to fly as crew members on bomber and women also served as part of the Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force. The RAAF station was closed after the war and control transferred to the Department of Civil Aviation in July 1946. Many of the structures on the site were disposed of in the immediate post-war years.

The airport is now owned and operated by Fraser Coast Regional Council and will also be home to the Maryborough Military Aviation Museum. Some of the original buildings remain and there are plans to reconstruct new buildings in their original style to house museum artifacts. While the airport development is being planned a “pop-up” military aviation museum has been set up at 108 Bazaar Street, where visitors can see items used at the RAAF station during WWII. The museum is open Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. Individual or group tours can be arranged by emailing [email protected].