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Fraser Commando School (Fraser Island)

Fraser Commando School (Fraser Island)
Fraser Commando SchoolFraser Island, QLD 4581

The men of Z Special Unit trained at the Fraser Commando School in a camp set up on the western side of Fraser Island, about 1.5km south of Kingfisher Bay Resort. The main camp was built in a rectangle with the building sites facing the northwest. Remnants include some concrete slabs, ceramic pipes, cuttings forming platforms for buildings or tents, building stumps, box drains, and possible latrine pits or foxholes around the periphery of the camp. Four corrugated iron water tanks on the brow of the hill and some telegraph poles still existed in the late 1990s but are slowly deteriorating. A map of the original campground and its buildings has been reproduced and is displayed next to the resort reception at Kingfisher Bay.