Letters and Stories

Read the stories of the brave men and women who went to war

and their connection to the region.

Lone Pine

‘So long, Tom,’ was the answer at Lone Pine, ‘see you again in half an hour’.

Pozieres : July - August 1916

‘… we realised at last that we were at war …’

On we went as if in a dream (Multi Media Box 3)

“ ... on we went as if in a dream ..’

We came out after fierce fighting

In the wake of showing the stretched Germans could be stopped at Villers-Bretonneux and driven back at Le Hamel.

As our boats sneaked on in the early morning...

On the night of April 24, naval ships with steam pinnaces and rowboats on board.

Periscopes and Rifles

The periscope rifle devised by Lance Corporal William Beech after five of his comrades were killed in the Turkish May offensive.

Miracles of the Marne

As the German armies swept into northern France, it seemed nothing could save Paris.

In the foothills success - above the impossible

August offensive began on August 6 with a diversionary attack on Lone Pine.

Suvla Bay

Despite facing only light opposition, the landing at Suvla as part of the August offensive was hopelessly mismanaged.

August 6 - Major Chapman killed by shell-fire

The Maryborough man who was the first Anzac to step ashore at Gallipoli.

No solid mass of bullets

About 200 ships, one of the largest armadas in history, gathered at Mudros Bay.

A few minutes creeping

The lads from Wide Bay District in the 15th Battalion made a brilliant bayonet charge on May 9.

Letter tells of daily blunders

‘I hope whoever started this war will be punished for it. Australia has lost a lot of her best men.’

Quinn's Post

‘Thus ends that fateful day that took all my mates away’