Letters and Stories

Read the stories of the brave men and women who went to war

and their connection to the region.


The battle of Verdun was one of the longest costly battles in World War I.


July 1, 1916 – The worst day in British military history

The first night at Anzac

Less than 24 hours after the landing, the Gallipoli expedition leader Sir Ian Hamilton was sound asleep in his cabin aboard the warship Queen Elizabeth.

Indigenous Attitudes

‘Too Dark for the Light Horse’

At the fork

‘Men passing the fork in Monash Valley used to glance at the place (as one of them said) as a man looks at a haunted house.’ – Charles Bean.

Mud is very hard for horses

Fighting in the Battle of the Somme continued until November.

Futile charges in no man's land

Indecisive battles along entrenchments on the Western Front continued in 1915

A few minutes creeping

The lads from Wide Bay District in the 15th Battalion made a brilliant bayonet charge on May 9.

Angels of mercy and brave bearers

More than 3,000 Australian civilian nurses volunteered for active service during the First World War.

Wonderful endurance and self-sacrifice

Before the war, I never dreamt that just average men could do so well.

A bleak winter looms

After the heat, hundreds freeze to death in trenches. ‘It has been snowing all day and my hands are like blocks of wood

Good god Bill, what's happened to my brigade?

The full horror of the sacrifice of the 5th Division at Fromelles sunk in slowly in Australia.

Gallipoli Cost

Gallipoli toll: Almost 400,000 from both sides left dead or wounded in Gallipoli.

We came out after fierce fighting

In the wake of showing the stretched Germans could be stopped at Villers-Bretonneux and driven back at Le Hamel.

On the loss of your son James

Dernancourt, a village on the River Ancre in France, was the scene of desperate fighting during the German offensive.

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