Letters and Stories

Read the stories of the brave men and women who went to war

and their connection to the region.

Gallipoli Cost

Gallipoli toll: Almost 400,000 from both sides left dead or wounded in Gallipoli.

March 1918 - German Offensive

March 1918 German offensive Russia withdraws from war with 15.8 million casualties on the Eastern Front.

Germans sweep through Belgium

Germany’s invasion of neutral Belgium to attack France prompted Britain to declare war on Germany.

25 April 1915

Jammed further north than intended, the 9th, 10th, and 11th Battalions of the 3rd Brigade became mixed up as they landed.

It is not necessary to leave now. Les Australians will hold them.

Fleeing in the face of the German offensive of 1918.

Disease, heat and flies

As the summer swelter set in, the Anzacs cursed billions of flies drawn by unsanitary conditions.

The first week

Unable to achieve their objectives on the heights of Chunuk Bair and Achi Baba, the Anzacs and the British dug in. Gallipoli.

The Evacuation

Evacuation: a successful strategy at last – but soaked in blood and wreathed in the ghosts of sacrificed comrades.

Barely one in 10 returned

Lt. George Alfred Still, from Maryborough, awarded the Military Cross at Fromelles.

Billy Sing

Two months after war had been declared, a recruitment officer overlooked the Chinese ancestry of Clermont’s Billy Sing, probably because he was a prize-winning crack shot.

A catastrophe Pompey Elliot predicted

200 metres of open ground was twice the distance recommended for a frontal charge at defences.

Disastrous August offensive

Locked into entrenched stalemates with occasional costly but inconsequential forays, the Gallipoli campaign.

Good god Bill, what's happened to my brigade?

The full horror of the sacrifice of the 5th Division at Fromelles sunk in slowly in Australia.

Wonderful endurance and self-sacrifice

Before the war, I never dreamt that just average men could do so well.

Angels of mercy and brave bearers

More than 3,000 Australian civilian nurses volunteered for active service during the First World War.