Letters and Stories

Read the stories of the brave men and women who went to war

and their connection to the region.

Billy Sing

Two months after war had been declared, a recruitment officer overlooked the Chinese ancestry of Clermont’s Billy Sing, probably because he was a prize-winning crack shot.

Quinn's Post

‘Thus ends that fateful day that took all my mates away’

A chap's nerves soon get a bit unstrung after he has been here a bit

The year 1917 is considered the most costly for Anzacs.

Good god Bill, what's happened to my brigade?

The full horror of the sacrifice of the 5th Division at Fromelles sunk in slowly in Australia.

British Army Graveyard Kindermord

The first battle of Ypres began on October 20, 1914, near the end of the Race for the Sea.

No solid mass of bullets

About 200 ships, one of the largest armadas in history, gathered at Mudros Bay.

Monash - A fit leader for the wild men he commanded

In May 1918, Australia’s five divisions were united into a single corps on the Western Front.

Indigenous Attitudes

‘Too Dark for the Light Horse’

We came out after fierce fighting

In the wake of showing the stretched Germans could be stopped at Villers-Bretonneux and driven back at Le Hamel.

Disastrous August offensive

Locked into entrenched stalemates with occasional costly but inconsequential forays, the Gallipoli campaign.

I never expected to get out of this place

‘… there is nothing but shell holes in this part …’


The battle of Verdun was one of the longest costly battles in World War I.

It is not necessary to leave now. Les Australians will hold them.

Fleeing in the face of the German offensive of 1918.

The Nek

Below to the right lay the Australian trenches at The Nek, the narrow strip of flat land about the size of a football field.

Lone Pine

‘So long, Tom,’ was the answer at Lone Pine, ‘see you again in half an hour’.