Letters and Stories

Read the stories of the brave men and women who went to war

and their connection to the region.

The Turkish Offensive

Turkish May offensive: The Man with the Donkey dies and another legend is born.

Suvla Bay

Despite facing only light opposition, the landing at Suvla as part of the August offensive was hopelessly mismanaged.

A few minutes creeping

The lads from Wide Bay District in the 15th Battalion made a brilliant bayonet charge on May 9.

Mud is very hard for horses

Fighting in the Battle of the Somme continued until November.

Pozieres II

The Pozieres map is stylised to represent the relative position of opposing forces on the Western Front and the locations of some major battles fought by Australians.


‘The stock of a thousand butcher-shops’

As our boats sneaked on in the early morning...

On the night of April 24, naval ships with steam pinnaces and rowboats on board.

In the foothills success - above the impossible

August offensive began on August 6 with a diversionary attack on Lone Pine.

I never expected to get out of this place

‘… there is nothing but shell holes in this part …’

Monash - A fit leader for the wild men he commanded

In May 1918, Australia’s five divisions were united into a single corps on the Western Front.


Hamel was a small town but its capture by the Australians inspired the Allies on the Western Front.

Lone Pine lives on in legends

Would the real Lone Pine please stand up?

Indigenous Attitudes

‘Too Dark for the Light Horse’

1917 - No kin left

William Harold Wilson, who was accepted for active service yesterday, enlisted under most remarkable circumstances.

Angels of mercy and brave bearers

More than 3,000 Australian civilian nurses volunteered for active service during the First World War.